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    Our company, Displays by Rioux, Inc. is based in Syracuse, New York. The Hub of New York State. We began manufacturing display fixtures in 1985. We manufacture fixtures for a variety of customers. Our customers include private collectors, taxidermists, schools, universities, colleges, museums, art galleries, grocery store chains, drug store chains, department store chains, hospitals, trade shows, etc.

    We have a wealth of experience in designing display fixtures that are practical and economical. We hold many proprietary designs in unrelated fields, which are protected by United States patents.

    Bring us your display needs, and we will diligently work with you on an economically feasible solution for your application that will be attractive, affordable and unique.

    Our trained staff of craftsmen take pride in their work and are committed to quality.

    Our facilities use computer-aided design and computer numerically controlled equipment to bring you quality products.

    We offer design and prototyping services at a competitive rate. We are a one-stop, service oriented company committed to quality products built within a time sensitive production schedule including warehousing and shipping.

    If it's worth collecting.. It's worth protecting!

    PLEASE CALL US toll free AT 888-327-4689 WITH ANY QUESTIONS